Digital Signage
Has Unlimited Reach

itandi's digital broadcast networks can be installed in virtually any space and can deliver, in real time, any message where you want to reach your clientele.

Corporations can train employees and communicate important information in real time. Waiting areas can be used to entertain and inform patients, customers and the public. What was nonproductive space is now a valuable place to communicate with your public.

Restaurants can change menus and graphics with the stroke of a few keys in one location or thousands. Show football games on ESPN and promote your own events on the same screen at the same time. itandi may even be able to use the screens you already have in place to upgrade from TV to a digital signage network.

itandi can leverage our expertise in digital signage—including graphics design and network architecture—to assure your organization, whatever size it is, can take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits. By taking advantage of our existing infrastructure itandi can develop an affordable and reliable network for you. And itandi does it all from build to content management to network operation.

Increase sales. Use itandi to promote specials, loyalty programs and more.
  • Corporate offices
  • Bars & restaurants
  • Stores: clothes, florists, shoes, sporting goods, accessories, etc.
  • Convenience stores & supermarkets
  • Services: banks, dry cleaners, shoe repair, package/shipping, etc.
  • Malls

itandi-built signage ensures that your residential or commercial tenants have important information in real time.
  • Lobbies, elevators & hallways
  • Mailrooms & laundry rooms
  • Gym, pool & recreation areas
  • Parking areas
  • Schools & colleges
  • Libraries, dorms & student unions

Inform and entertain clients with custom content from itandi. Interactive kiosks and screens can help improve communication with the public and generate sales and consumer action.
  • Government: Post Office, DMV, IRS offices, Social Security offices, jury holding areas
  • Medical, dental & optician
  • Auto dealerships & repair shops
  • Residential sales offices
  • HR offices


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itandi is your
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As your digital signage partner, itandi can handle any project from start to finish and beyond, including:
  • Content Creation
  • Graphics
  • Playlist Construction
  • Scheduling
  • Network Architecting
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Sales Generation
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